Fall in Arizona

Arizona Fall brings many of the things you would expect: crisp apples, changing leaves and cooler weather. It can also be a great time to get outside and celebrate the end of Summer. We spent a joyous day in Sedona with weather still hot enough to enjoy Slide Rock State Park and the icy cold water.
Slide Rock State Park
Evening FlowersApple Sorting ShedSlide Rock Selfie

On our way home we picked up a variety of local apples at a road side stand. Crisp fall apples are the perfect excuse for a pie and since we had such a variety I thought I would try something a little different. I’ve been testing out some recipes from Sharing the Table with some success and the apple pie was no exception. Rather than post the recipe I encourage you to purchase the book. Everything I’ve tried so far is fabulous. If you want to do some testing before your purchase you can head over to cookstr.com for a few free recipes (I recommend the chocolate chip cookies!).

Sharing the Table Garland's Lodge
Fall Apples


Apple MixReady for a Crust


Pie is Done


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