Baking Chez Moi: Cranberry Crackle Tart

Crackle Tart Cranberries

The only problem with baking through an entire book is that eventually you will come across something that you have no desire to make.  I’m curious as to whether my dread of consuming whole unsweetened cranberries led me to singe my first attempt just a little too long in the broiler.

Crackle Tart with Fork

In the end the tart turned out quite beautiful. My husband convinced me that cranberries just aren’t my thing. In retrospect this may have just been an attempt on his part to save more for himself.

Crackle Tart Crust IngredientsCrackle Tart Processed Dough

I had never made a tart dough quite like this before.  Rolling out the dough between wax paper was incredibly easy, why have I never done this before?  I’m never looking back.

Crackle Tart Dough RollCrackle Tart Cutting the Dough

I chose cherry jam for my tart and with the bit of tartness and beautiful color I think it was the right pick. There aren’t a whole lot of ingredients in this tart so I think it’s worth it to spend a little more for a good quality jam.

Crackle Tart Baking BeansCrackle Tart Cherry Jam

When I remade the tart I made the meringue portion with super fine sugar. I thought it mixed in a little easier and would most likely use it again if I had some on hand.

DSC_0133Whole Crackle Tart

I skipped the broiler on the second round as the meringue got a lovely brown color all on it’s own and I didn’t want to risk a second scorch.

Crackle Tart Texture

This tart is all about texture and contrast.  Crisp outer shell, fluffy and sweet interior with little bursts of tartness and a sweet cookie crust.  Crackle Tart Plain

This tart isn’t really much in the pan but once you cut it and can see the beautiful colors it really stands out.

Crackle Tart with SugarThe powdered sugar is a nice touch and definitely added some drama to what is a simple tart. Scott really liked this.  His only issue was that a whole pie doesn’t keep long enough for him to eat the entire thing.

While I can’t say this tart turned me into a whole cranberry lover I can say that I loved the shortbread like crust, simple ingredients and basic look of this.  I’ve pondered attempting this with sour cherries instead.

I’ve never quite seen cranberry shine as a main attraction, it often seems relegated to what amounts to a condiment, but it definitely stands out in this simple little tart. If you are a cranberry lover or have one in your life I think this would be a perfect addition to a seasonal repertoire.



13 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Cranberry Crackle Tart

  1. The cranberry was definitely the star of this pretty tart. Dorie has so many great baking tips to pass along, baking through the book will definitely be a fun learning experience.

  2. Your tart looks wonderful and the process photos were fantastic…I love it when people are gifted enough to do process photos. I have tried before but somehow I usually get the first couple of steps, then promptly forget all the middle ones, arriving at the end with a photo and thinking I’m not good at process photos…so I really appreciate those who are good at it! You are good at it! 🙂

  3. Your tart looks lovely. Mine was browning quite fast too, and got to tent the top with foil. Wish I could find fresh cranberries, but am so glad that dried cranberries works out great too!

  4. I very much enjoyed seeing your step-by-step photos. I usually take one photo as I’m getting started and then forget until I’m done baking. Sometimes I even forget until after I’ve taken a few bites!
    Having baked all the way through Baking from my Home to Yours, a little voice was telling me that I couldn’t possibly learn that much more from this book of Dorie’s but after baking this tart (and a few other things) I’m convinced I will learn lots of new baking tricks and techniques. Looking forward to baking along with you!

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