Baking Chez Moi: The Rugelach That Won Over France

Pretty RollI’m a big fan of rugelach and this recipe is no exception.  When I first read it through I was completely unsure of how they would turn out as it was quite a bit different from other recipes I had tried.

Rugelach IngredientsThe recipe uses pretty straightforward ingredients although the filling of coconut, cherries and chocolate with touches of cinnamon was a little unusual for me.  One of my taste testers described it as having a macaroon with his rugelach which is a pretty ingenious idea.  Rather than chop up chocolate I used mini chips instead.Rugelach Dough IngredientsBlending DoughFinished DoughShaping the DoughI’ve never really made a lot of dough in a food processor before starting the Baking Chez Moi project and I think it’s ruined me for life.  The dough has always been so easy to bring together and clean up is a breeze.  After whirring my rugelach dough up in a flash I divided my dough up into squares and let it rest in the fridge.Cinnamon SugarRoasting PecansChopping PecansRugelach FillingI assembled the filling while waiting on my dough. I’m finally running out of my pecans from the last season and my tree isn’t quite ready to give up new ones.  Nothing is quite like the smell of roasted pecans on a fall Arizona day.  I didn’t re-hydrate my cherries since they still seemed incredibly moist.  These cookies are perfect for this time of year as most supermarkets have great sales on the ingredients. Butter basteCinnamon DoughFilling RugelachFilling RollFilling Roll WideFinished TubeHere’s where my impatience really paid off.  Rather than let my rolled up dough logs freeze for an hour I only let them freeze until my oven was to the correct temp.  I ended up making these twice since the first batch was such a big hit and the second time I realized with a full hour of freeze the dough seemed a little brittle so I let it soften up before I finished cutting.  I have a feeling this comes down to how your freezer is set.  I love making ice cream so mine is pretty much an antarctic chill.

Brushing egg on rollRaw dough rollsRaw roll up close

I think this dough could be frustrating but as I’d read the recipe through and had made rugelach before I crossed my fingers and hoped it was a forgiving as it sounded.  Sure enough once I had my rolls ready to bake they seemed like they might make it.  I made my second batch a little wider and while they were much easier to work with I think I preferred the smaller size.

Finished Sheet

Finished roll on sheet

Sure enough these turned out pretty great.  A few had fallen over on my sheet and they were still delicious.  When I wondered aloud if I should make a second batch my husband was all for it.  I tried a few other flavor varieties with jam, honey, apricots and walnuts but I think the original filling was the favorite.  I would happily make these again.

Final rugelach





17 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: The Rugelach That Won Over France

  1. Those pictures really do the treats justice… wow. Just beautiful. This is my kind of baked goodie! I want one!!! Yum yum 🙂

  2. Okay, you win…these look wonderful and the process photos are the best thing going this week! I love seeing product packaging, I don’t know why, but it always makes me smile whenever I see that someone has shown the product packaging…very helpful for those weeks that I don’t have a clue what a product is (and those weeks will come). Great job!

  3. the best place to find currants is in the area that supermarkets sell the fruitcake supplies-I find that most stores only stock them at Christmas. If you can find them, buy a few boxes and freeze them, they will be fine for baking! Lovely rugelach-nicely done.

  4. Your rugelach looks fabulous! I had a hard time slicing the logs! I’m so green with envy that you have a pecan tree! Pecan nuts are really expensive over here, so I would usually use them sparingly in a bake.
    We love the filling too, the coconut really makes it yummy!

  5. These look so gorgeous, and I love the combination. I did not get to these, I’m a little swamped with finishing an international project, so something had to give – but I would love to try these too. Andy your process photos look fantastic. I think I suspect you have a sous chef to help you!!! Fantastic!!!

  6. Looking at your clear and organized directions, with these amazing photos made me ALMOST believe I could make these…..I hate online cooking recipes that assume you know how to do everything. You seem to have a talent for this!

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