Why My Pictures Look Great (My Secret Photo Weapon)

Scott at Badger Creek
Braving cold temps to capture reflection.

The reason for my great photos is pretty clear: my husband Scott.  He started taking photos with an old digital camera a few year ago during our hikes and it quickly developed into a hobby.

Scott Laying on Rocks Tonto
Scott capturing the travertine ceiling at Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. That can’t be comfortable. Pretty obvious I’m the one that took this photo-blurry much?

Normally he prefers to be out in nature capturing a scenic view but when I mentioned I had a friend who was encouraging me to blog with Baking Chez Moi he graciously offered to help.  He’s always been my number one fan and supporter although I’m pretty sure the thought of all the baked goods didn’t hurt.

Braving the freezing cold water.
Braving the freezing cold water.

Some of you know I have blogged before both on my own and with a group. (If you aren’t familiar with The Wilderness Girls check them out-the blog is lovely.)  While I like writing and I enjoy photos I’m just not all that great at taking them and generally find it a chore.

While I may take a few pictures if Scott isn’t available, the majority and definitely the best ones are always taken by him. He is familiar with my impatience and after more than a decade together is aware of how I work in the kitchen. He’s able to photograph while I do my thing and get baking. I have a feeling his love of eating helps a lot.  His love affair with food appears evident in the photos.

My husband adored these to the point of immediately attempting to hoard them all for himself.  He ended up sharing a few cookies with his coworkers and with some friends.
Cookie hoarding can be a problem.

So my secret is out.  I love to bake but this blog would not be possible without the beautiful photos provided by Scott.  Hopefully I can showcase more of his photos as our adventures continue.  I definitely don’t think I’d be having as much fun without him.


(A little bit more about Scott.)



2 thoughts on “Why My Pictures Look Great (My Secret Photo Weapon)

  1. I didn’t realise Scott was taking all these photos. Wow, he’s really good. I’ve just started using rice syrup in recipes (part of my no sugar explorations) – it’s very sticky stuff. I like how you show us the differences in the final product of the 2 different recipes.

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