Baking Chez Moi: Pink Grapefruit Tart

Up Close Grapefruit Tart

I’m always on the hunt for a good grapefruit recipe.  That big beautiful tree out my kitchen window?  Not a lemon tree, it’s a giant white grapefruit tree.  Something I wasn’t even aware existed before we moved into this house.  I was quite excited to try Dorie’s recipe but as I began to read through it my excitement dimmed a bit.  This wasn’t going to be the quick easy tart I had hoped for but a multi-step process.

Lemon Almond Cream Ingredients

The first layer of the tart is a lemon almond cream.  The process was simple, basically mixing up the ingredients and letting it rest in the fridge.

Premix Lemon Almond Cream

The most interesting and somewhat odd part of the tart was up next: the grapefruit cremeux.

Grapefruit Cremeux Ingredients

So I have to confess I had a little help with this part.  Scott has been making lots of limoncello from our citrus and is quite the expert at using a microplane to extract the very top layer of zest.  He graciously lent his skills and zested both my lemon and grapefruit.

Grapefruit rubbed sugarGrapefruit Cream on Stove


At first it seems as though you are making a regular custard out of the mix but once the custard is done it goes into a blender so that gelatin, campari and butter can be added in. The final mixture gets popped into the fridge.

Straining CremeuxAdding Gelatin to CreamAdding butter to creameux

The next day the tart shell and topping gets made.  The tart shell is a simple sweet tart dough that gets pre-baked in a pan with a removable bottom.  The topping consists of segmented grapefruit.  I hate segmenting grapefruit.  Mostly because my juicing grapefruit really isn’t meant to make pretty segments.  I had asked a friend and neighbor for some pink grapefruit which she graciously gave me but they are also of the retro petite variety and not the current super-sized one. I pressed on with my humble grapefruit but I’m sure I’ll be envious of the beautiful rosettes that others were able to make.

Segmenting Grapefruit


Once the tart has cooled and the segments dried it’s time to assemble the tart. The almond lemon cream gets spread in a thin layer on the base and baked to set.

Spreading CreameuxUpclose Spread


The cremeux layer was where I had to divert from the instructions and go rouge. The instructions say that you will need to whisk it to soften before adding to the tart.  I whisked and whisked and the texture looked like scrambled eggs.  Scott jumped in and whisked and whisked to no avail.  After some discussion I jumped in with my hand mixer and that finally tamed the cremeux into submission.

Clotted CreameuxCreamy Cremeux


This has to be gently added to the almond base and topped with the grapefruit segments.

Topping CremeuxAdding Grapefruit


My final tart was certainly not the most beautiful one I’ve made but I was very glad to be finished.  I brought the tart to Sunday dinner at my neighbors and everyone ate a piece and enjoyed. I was relieved it wasn’t too tart but I was wishing I had sprinkled a teeny bit of sugar on some of the pink segments.

Final tart close


I’m not sure I would make this tart again.  While the final tart was good and everyone seemed to enjoy it, it’s not the kind of tart that everyone is diving in for another piece.

Grapefruit tart on stand-Christie



8 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Pink Grapefruit Tart

  1. I love the look of the different hues of the fruit segments – so pretty. Funny, I grew up eating white grapefruit but it’s now a rare find in the grocery stores up here; I envy you your tree!

  2. Love the process photos and the ones showing the packaging…a lot of work to do that always, but much appreciated. And the luxury of a grapefruit tree growing right outside your window…how fun is that? Your tart looks lovely and special.

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