Comforting Casserole and the Restless Heart

Cut ParmentierIt’s been a long few weeks.  A lethal combination of allergies, ensuing illness and personal and professional stress has been taking a toll. The chicken parmentier proposed in the latest Every Day Dorie seemed like a perfect remedy for the cold and rainy weather that was going on outside and in my life.

Parmentier Ingredients

I love a good casserole and had always foolishly thought of it as a typical American dish. This dish is heavily scented with spice and appears to be paleo friendly from the little I know about paleo.  It was perfect to invite some neighbors over and unwind.

parmentier insides

I think at heart I’m an escapist.  I need to remove myself from a situation to get perspective and cope.  Sometimes life makes this impossible and I spend an inordinate amount of time day dreaming about hiking on trails and crossing creeks. As if the only stability was the instability of a wandering life. Spring is coming and I know I can sate this craving.  I just have to be patient.  Hold on for another weekend, another month and relief will be there.

For now it appears that one horrible chapter is closing and a new one is may be on the horizon.  The shooter in Scott’s case was sentenced after pleading guilty. Justice is a funny thing.  A concept that exists in our minds but I’m not sure genuinely exists in the tangible world. There isn’t any joy in a mother losing her son or a child being separated from their parent because of the incredibly foolish decisions he made.  Our lives don’t magically revert back to how they were before. It will never really be over for any of us. I do feel the relief of no longer having a potential trial and verdict hanging over our heads.

Sometimes it’s just one day at a time.

Fabulous appetizer brought by our friends and neighbors.
Fabulous appetizer brought by our friends and neighbors.
Couldn't resist adding a sprinkle of paprika to the finished parmentier.
Couldn’t resist adding a sprinkle of paprika to the finished parmentier.

Grapefruit Granita

So I bake and I cook.  One foot in front of the other, one day at a time.

Good things are coming.  They have to be.



One thought on “Comforting Casserole and the Restless Heart

  1. Good things ARE coming. I was so glad to read about the case. Doesn’t fix things, some to no longer dread. The joke with my new job is that when I get stressed I need to bake something! I agree, it’s soothing, plus you are doing something nice for others. Your meal looks delicious. I’ve enjoyed the Hargis Parmenides that I made from Dorie’s book, I’m sure this was terrific too. And you are right, spring and summer (!) will be here soon enough. Thanks for your lovely post!

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