Baking Chez Moi: Coconut Tapioca

Sunny Tapioca

The recipe for coconut tapioca really couldn’t be more simple.  The most difficult part was finding the large pearl tapioca that was required.  I went to several stores and finally found it in the baking aisle at AJ’s a higher end grocery chain in Arizona. After reading a few fond memories posted online it appears that the large pearl variety is a classic style of tapioca and probably what the current horror that is referred to as tapioca pudding spawned from.  Dorie’s recipe is the complete opposite of what I had imagined: light, flavorful and satisfying.

Tapioca Ingredients

The only bummer with this recipe is that despite the fact you may have all these ingredients on hand the tapioca requires  an overnight soak so you can’t just whip this up on a whim.

Soaking Tapioca

Once your tapioca is ready everything but the vanilla is brought to a boil and simmered till it thickens. Vanilla is added once you pull this off the stove.

Pouring Pearls

Tapioca in Pan

We tried this both at room temperature and chilled and the voted were overwhelmingly in the chilled basket so our next step was to refrigerate.

Chilled Tapioca

I served this both plain and with strawberries and spiced hibiscus syrup.  I really enjoyed the plain version of this but it got put into the ‘please make this all the time’ category when it was served with fruit and syrup.

Tapioca Two Glasses

Tapioca Top

While parts of the country have been shoveling out of late April snow we’ve been enjoying the amazing Arizona spring. Warm days and cool nights that are quickly slinking into all-the-time heat. I almost feel guilty that this recipe was picked; it’s the perfect dessert for a warm day.



14 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Coconut Tapioca

  1. Your tapioca looks delicious! I have some of the large pearl tapioca, and leave the made it because of the soak, but now I need to after seeing yours! Your photos and presentation are beautiful!

  2. So glad to hear that you can find the large pearl tapioca at AJ’s since I ended up going to Lee Lee’s market to find mine. You’re tapioca does look awesome and I agree that it would be fantastic during our summers.

  3. Very pretty and so good with the strawberries and syrup. I found my tapioca in an Asian grocery store (they’re actually from Thailand) and they behaved very differently.

  4. I couldn’t find tapioca, so had to resort to that Minute stuff, but I’m glad I played along, basically ended up making my own version. Yours looks great. That syrup is enticing looking. Love your photo with the pearls in the strainer.

  5. You definitely have pretty looking tapioca pudding. I am stuck with a big bag of small tapioca so i will make again but another recipe. Can’t do the gelatinous thing again.

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