Baking Chez Moi: Apricot-Raspberry Tart

So before I get into my tart…new Photos for OS X disappointing anyone else?  It’s been making blogging really difficult.  I’m considering just switching back to a PC and getting rid of my iMac.  Apple can make things pretty but they always seem to have trouble with making them functional.  So on to the tart.

Header Apricot TartOnce you have all the pieces of this tart it’s a breeze to get together.  Unfortunately those pieces can take some time.

Apricot Tart IngredientsWhile the homemade lady fingers were pretty good in this tart I think if I ever attempt this again I’ll try it with the store bought kind.  They added too much time and fuss to the process for me even though they tasted pretty good.

LadyfingersOnce the lady fingers are made and tart crust is pre-baked it’s all about assembly.  The lady finger get places in a spiral on the bottom of the tart.

Raw Apricot SpiralThen the apricots and some sugar get placed in too.  I actually wished I had a few more than called for because I felt this still had some gaps but it ended up being ok at the end.

Adding raspberries to apricots

Once the apricots get baked for a bit then butter and  raspberries and a little more sugar gets added and it goes back in the oven.

Adding pistachios to apricots

Final step is to add some pistachios and put it back in the oven for a bit.  Then it’s just cool it down some and enjoy.

Cooled Apricot Tart

Close Up ApricotOne thing we learned pretty quick was that this tart is only as good as the apricots that you put into it.  Unfortunately the local ones are out of season by now and the ones from the store were pretty bland.  I was especially bummed because my crust was the best yet and came out pretty perfect. The tart looked pretty fabulous but it just didn’t have the same punch when you took a bite.  However, I think this recipe is still a winner despite the fuss with ingredients.  I would try it again when my local apricots are at the peak of their season and can add needed sweetness and depth.


7 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Apricot-Raspberry Tart

  1. Your tart is beautiful and makes me wish I’d included the pistachios. I’m also impressed that you made your own ladyfingers but I think store bought would work just as well in this recipe.

  2. Bonus points indeed for making the ladyfingers. I considered it complete kismet that one sleeve of store bought remained uneaten in my house so figured their destiny was for this tart – LOL. Your results are simply stunning and I am definitely adding the pistachios next time, for the flavor as well as that pop of color ~

  3. Nice looking tart! I had the same experience with the apricots,not being ripe or sweet enough but then Nicole of ” the second 35 years” mentioned that following the Bon Idea (on the back page of the recipe) for using Almond cream instead of ladyfingers made her tart the tart nicely sweet.

  4. I agree that in season fruit makes all the difference. When you put so much into making a great crust why waste it on flavorless fruit?

  5. It”s so disappointing when the fruit is not ripe, but your tart looks amazing. I
    love Dorie”s sweet crust, so I will definitely be making more tarts this summer.

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