Baking Chez Moi: Cherry Crumb Tart

I felt incredibly lucky to be able to make this tasty little tart.  Cherry season is here and gone in a flash and I scooped up the last of the season just in time for this.

Cherry Tart Ingredients

I started to get a good feeling while reading the ingredient list; cardamom and orange sounded like the perfect additions to make this special.  Beckett’s Table has a peach cobbler in the summer that I adore and has a similar pairing of summer fruit and  orange flavor.

Orange Zest for Cherry TartOrange Sugar for Cherry Tart

The streusel topping was pretty easy to blend together and smelled heavenly.  I loved that it could be made ahead.

Streusel Topping for Cherry TartClose Up Streusel

The almond filling is whirred together in the food processor and really ends up more like a paste.  This is best when refrigerated at least an hour which worked out perfectly since we were in the middle of a Netflix tv show marathon while I was making this.

Cherry Tart Filling

Back when my work was getting produce boxes I had the opportunity to buy a completely ridiculous amount of cherries.  I’m pretty sure it was 20lbs or so.  I bought a cherry pitter in order to process that monstrosity of pits and it came in handy for this.

Cherry Pitter

At this point it’s really just assembling the tart and getting it in the oven.  The paste and cherries go in to be baked first.

Paste In Cherry TartAdding Cherries Tart

I absolutely loved how puffed this got when you took it out to add streusel.  I definitely had a good feeling about the end product at this point.

Puffed Cherry Tart

Close Up Puffed Cherry Tart

Adding Streusel Cherry Tart

The final tart doesn’t really do this justice in pictures.  For me this tart’s magic was in the spicy citrus smell of the streusel and the texture of the whole cherries in the creamy filling.  I didn’t add any powdered sugar as this tart was already a little on the sweet side for me.  When I make this next season I might serve it with a little creme fraiche or even sour cream.

Close Up Cherry Tart

Cherry Tart Slice

Whole Cherry Tart

This tart was a big hit.  While I wouldn’t say that cherries are my favorite treat I feel confident that this is my favorite dessert where they are featured.  The combination of flavors provided more interest than your typical tart and the orange flavor surprises with how well it pairs with a summer fruit. This recipe is definitely one I will use again when I can get fresh cherries.



12 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Cherry Crumb Tart

  1. Great photos! I especially like the ones of the filling enveloping the cherries, right before the streusel went on. Your final product looks amazing, too!

  2. Lovely tart. I liked the orange and cardamom with the cherries as well but I’ll have to try those flavours with peaches – it sounds like a delicious combination.

  3. After making this tart, I’m considering getting a cherry pitter – my hands were very Lady Macbeth. I loved the combination of flavours in this tart and it’s a lovely-looking dessert, too.

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