Baking Chez Moi: Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies

Header Jam Cookies

I still have a little of my spring time jam leftover and these cookies were a great way to use some of it up before hitting expiration.  I decided to make 3 different flavors to see which I liked best, peach, blackberry and strawberry.

Jam Sandwich Cookie IngredientsButter for Jam Cookies

Whipped Butter Jam CookiesSifting Flour Jam Cookies

Dough Disk Jam CookiesRolling Dough Jam CookiesCutting Dough Jam CookiesSealing Dough Jam CookiesBaked Jam CookiesSingle Jam Cookie

The dough for the cookies is pretty simple to make up.  I was especially excited that it was one that could be rolled out on waxed paper.  There is quite a bit of refrigeration time till the can go in the oven.  My blackberry jelly was the easiest bit to scoop onto these and my old fashioned runny peach jam was a bit of a challenge. I really loved the cracked look on these cookies, especially because it helped me determine which flavor was which when they were done. A bit of advice,  I took a bit of my scraps after the 2nd roll out of the dough and made a cookie without jam but through the rest away.  I wish I’d baked up the rest of the scraps since these are good even without the jam

.Finished Jam Cookie Close UpJam Cookie Circle

Normally I’m not a huge fan of getting my oven going in early September as we typically are still in the triple digits here in the desert.  However, I’m starting to get excited about Fall and these seemed to go pretty well as an accompaniment to poached pears.  These cookies were pretty delicate in taste and would probably go well with an after dinner coffee.  We really enjoyed all the flavors, even my runny peach jam one.



12 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies

    1. This is from Baking Chez Moi and as part of the group we don’t post recipes. Sometimes you can find them on Dorie Greenspan’s website. I definitely think the book is worth purchasing.

  1. Your cookies look great. You can also just put some jam on the scraps after they come out of the oven and dust with confectioner’s sugar. I did that to the rest of my sweet crust and it was just lovely.

  2. Your cookies look great, it’s nice that you tried the different filling, but anything
    would work here. We enjoyed them, just wasn’t enough.

  3. They turned out beautifully – I made mine with peach jam, too. And I made cookies out of every single scrap. The last one was ugly, but it had lots of crispy edges. Everyone fought over it when the cookies came out of the oven.

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