Baking Chez Moi: Apple Kuchen

Kuchen CoresKuchen Side View

It’s wonderful to mark the beginning of the apple season with a tall tart brimming with apples.  I used a variety of what is currently available locally.  I chose apples that were fairly tart since I don’y really need an overly sweet taste in my fall desserts.

Apple Kuchen Ingredients

I knew I was probably going to love the crust once I got the smell of the lemon zest.  I’m surprised this is marked as an optional ingredient since both Scott and I thought it really made the dish.

Kuchen Lemon Zest

I did find this a little tricky to put into the springform pan and was worried that with all my patching the crust was going to be a disaster.  Fortunately it actually worked out quite well.

Kuchen Crust BlendKuchen Crust EggKuchen Crust RollKuchen Crust Pat

The graham crackers were interesting in the final product.  It’s a familiar flavor but the texture is so different you’re left wondering what it is exactly.  The apples are really the best part.  There are a ton of them and they make up the bulk of what is actually in this.  I also adored the rum soaked apricots although I found they burned pretty quickly on the top so next time I may add them in a bit more.

Kuchen Graham Cracker

Kuchen Apples

Kuchen Apricot Topping

I was excited for the custard portion of this.  I used a combination of creme fraiche and heavy cream.  When I first pulled this out my knife did in fact come out clean but the filling didn’t seem quite set.  However, after cooling to room temp it actually set up quite nicely.  The tart was still a little messy to cut but that was because the towers of apple chunks couldn’t quite be contained by the custard portion.

Kuchen Adding Creme FraicheKuchen Whisking EggsKuchen CustardKuchen Adding Custard

My apricots were getting pretty charred by the end but they ended up tasting ok.  I still added the sugar and butter topping and set it under the broiler since it seemed like it would add some good flavor.

Kuchen PreKuchen Sugar

Normally I would wait for some great lighting before cutting into my projects but I really couldn’t wait for a bite of this.Finished Kuchen

This was really good for a couple reasons.  First and foremost was that it really highlighted the apples.  I fell like this would be perfect to highlight some good work that was done from an apple picking trip.  The lemon crust was also really fantastic and the fact that it was so high made this feel really special.  This was also unique with the rum soaked apricots and custard filling. While it was a bit of work we really enjoyed this recipe.


PS: My beloved Lita, our elderly French bulldog, is in the midst of a medical crisis.  She’s currently hospitalized and in need of good wishes and prayers.  The house is very different without her and I’m hoping that she will at least be able to spend a few more nights at home before we have to say goodbye if not many more.


7 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Apple Kuchen

  1. Best wishes for Lita. A house is not the same without your loving dog in it. I hope she makes a speedy recovery and is able to spend some more time at home with you.

  2. Awww. I hope Lita is comfortable and that you have the pleasure of her company at home. Having gone through that a few times in the not so distant past it is so stressful for you and them. Sending lots of warm snuggles your way.

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