Baking Chez Moi: Lemon Squares, French Style

DSC_0596.jpgI have a confession.  I don’t always wait until the appointed Tuesday to make recipes.  I always have so much citrus I’m constantly on the hunt for ways to use it up.  I’ve made citrus varieties of ice cream, cookies, marmalade, pie, candied peel and lots of lemon bars.    I couldn’t wait to make these lemon squares and once I made them once, I had to make them again. And Again. And Again. You get the idea.

The recipe follows the same basic idea of a cookie crust and lemon curd filling but has a wonderful crumb topping that includes crunchy almonds. DSC_0357.jpgDSC_0126.jpgDSC_0129.jpgDSC_0135.jpg

I love making this curd.  It’s a little time consuming but it always turns out great.


The topping ends up making these squares much prettier than a typical recipe.  A standard lemon bar looks great when freshly shaken with powdered sugar but the curd tends to quickly absorb it.  The crumb topping on these squares not only looks great but stabilizes the bars when removing from the pan and cutting them.



I love that these squares end up being a rich mixture between sour/sweet and creamy/crunchy.  They’ve become the standard lemon bar recipe in my house. They turn out great every time and really bring an intense lemon flavor.


Now when I say I’m making lemon squares it’s implied this is the recipe I’m following.  If I had only loved this recipe from the book it still would have been worth buying.  I’ll be making these for years to come.



5 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Lemon Squares, French Style

  1. I love all the photos that you took going through the recipe. I usually get so
    involved that I forget until the end result. Your lemon squares look wonderful with the almond on top.

  2. I’m so glad you found your favorite lemon bar recipe! You’re right about confectioner’s sugar. It’s really only pretty for a little while.

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