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Baking Chez Moi: Soft-Centered Chocolate Teacup Cakes and Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta

February was all about chocolate.  I’ve been hit with a horrible flu so Scott truly made these for me while I supervised and briefly stepped in a few times to assist.  It’s funny how much he loves taking pictures of baking but really doesn’t like the baking itself.  Regardless he did an excellent job at making these as they both turned out great. I was lucky to have my older sister bake along with me on one of these as well.

Soft-Centered Chocolate Teacup Cakes


These little chocolate cakes were pretty amazing in their simplicity.  I typically have some version of these ingredients in my cupboard.


These were pretty straight forward with melty chocolate and fluffy eggs.  The only tricky part was folding them together.  I got a little worried about deflating the eggs but in the end it came together pretty well.


We ended up placing the chocolate closer to the top third than the middle which made a really  pretty presentation from the first spoonful.


These were pretty tasty and a bit easier than we both expected.  While I really liked the favor I’m not sure I would make them again.  They are pretty reliant on timing if you want to serve them hot and are also readily available in restaurants.

Hot Chocolate Panna Cotta

When we picked these recipes in January it was still cold in Phoenix and I was pretty bummed that the hot chocolate panna cotta was a winter pick. Despite the name it’s actually a cold dessert that doesn’t require the use of an oven. Luckily, my sister Julie lives in New Zealand where it’s the middle of hot, hot summer so I convinced her to make it with me.

Christie & Scott:

I can’t wait for summer to make these again.  For me, this is a perfect Phoenix dessert.  Rich and chocolatey but cool and comforting and I never have to turn my oven on.



I flavoured it with a mild chai tea. I only strained it once, due to the chocolate not being in a big enough container to put all the liquid in there. If I did it again I would melt the choc in a bigger one. It smells delicious! Very hard to ‘discard’ the strained milky chocolatey goodness!!


So, it is like mega hot today and I am really looking forward to eating one of these after dinner! Not only that, but there was no added sugar (just the sugar in the choccie) so they are kinda compliant with the higher fat/lower carb diet kick we are on (I know, I know, but it’s better than sugary pavlova or something like that).


I had mine with blueberries a splash of Bailey’s Irish cream on top. Yum!

Paul (Julie’s husband) thought the form and texture was really good, smooth and not gluggy. We couldn’t taste the mild chai tea flavour in the end, so would recommend something a little stronger (85% chocolate is pretty strong). All in all, it was a great treat for a hot summer’s day and definitely satisfies a chocolate craving!

12788608_10154620824658012_1740377719_o copy.jpg
Here is our model Paul holding a hot chocolate panna cotta with Bailey’s and nectarine (sorry, blueberries are gone! but they were good too).

-Christie, Scott and Julie