Baking Chez Moi: Jammer Galette

Peach season has just arrived in the Arizona desert.  Every year I make jam, pie and whatever new recipe I’ve stockpiled while waiting for the season to start.  In a few weeks what I’ve been calling wild blackberries (but I’m fairly certain are Himalayan berries) will be ripe and ready for picking.  Since I had last one coveted jar of blackberry jelly from last year’s crop and a little leftover vanilla honey peach butter from my recent peach picking this galette was a perfect way to kick of the season.

DSC_0714.jpgThe ingredients for this are simple enough and were all already in my pantry. We have both a fall season with citrus and a spring season with fruit so I’m always bound to have a tangerine jam, vanilla grapefruit marmalade or peach jam in my cupboard.DSC_0720.jpgThe base of the tart was a pretty simple roll out process.  I wish I had made the crust for my large tart a little thicker.  I did use the scraps for two smaller tarts which worked out great.DSC_0727.jpgDSC_0729.jpgI definitely regret not following my instincts and using less jam than stated in the recipe.  While this was fairly simple to put together it’s definitely a recipe that I think is more of a guideline than a prescription.  The little tarts that I eyeballed came out with a much better balance of texture.

DSC_0736.jpgDSC_0743.jpgDSC_0741.jpgI think this tart is great to showcase delicious jam or marmalade.  Because the crust and topping are simply flavored the fruit has a chance to shine.



6 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Jammer Galette

  1. I agree – this is a great way to showcase jam. I always have homemade jams on hand, and this is a great use for them. Your tarts turned out beautifully. I love the variations in seasons across our group. Where I am, we’re in full rhubarb season, while the peaches won’t be ready for months.

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