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Baking Chez Moi: Summer-Market Galette

IMG_2925.jpgThis galette was pretty perfect timing for what was going on in my market.  Lots of stone fruits and berries on hand.IMG_2909.jpgI had left the nectarines off my list but had picked up some cherries for snacking.  Rather than making a second trip I just subbed in some cherries figuring it still counted in the summer category.IMG_2910.jpgI’m still really on the fence about the combination of mint, lime and ginger with my particular set of fruits.  I’m not sure if the cherries threw it off but I was really wishing I had subbed in some cardamom.

IMG_2911.jpgI cut my cherries in half and followed instructions for the rest of the fruit and this is where I made a crucial error.  I should have tasted all my fruit.  I was worried that the plums were a tad underripe but it turns out the apricots were incredibly sour.  It was very surprising given their texture and fragrance. IMG_2912.jpgIMG_2914.jpgThe lady fingers were a perfect way to catch the fruit juice.  I like making these myself but they were super easy to just purchase and use and made the overall work for this galette a breeze.IMG_2916.jpgIMG_2919.jpgRolling up the sides of the galette was fun and I loved the rustic look of this.

IMG_2927.jpgIMG_2922.jpgIMG_2928.jpgOverall this galette was pretty fabulous.  I had a piece with a little honey greek yogurt which was great and light.  I ended up having to pick off the apricot slices on subsequent bites.  They were so sour it was like sucking on a fresh lemon slice. Overall the recipe was pretty great although I might mix up the flavor profiles depending on my fruit for future attempts.



Baking Chez Moi: Cornmeal and Berry Cakes

DSC_0926.jpgSometimes the season dictates the mood.  Such is the case with these cornmeal and berry cakes. A few simple ingredients, a little sugar and some tart berries and lemon make a nice little summer cake.  I didn’t have the exact size of mini loaf pan specified so went with the alternative cupcake size that worked perfectly with some neat papers I had.DSC_0887.jpgMostly this recipe calls for things I already have in my kitchen although maybe not in this particular combination.  I used the typical cornmeal that I would use for corn bread but it added a little extra touch of grit since it wasn’t soaked like my typical recipe.  It worked out ok though since I enjoy the bit of crunch.  DSC_0889.jpgThe sugar is rubbed with the lemon and without the wonderful brightness of the lemon I doubt I would have enjoyed these so much.DSC_0894I wasn’t so sure about the raspberries but ended up enjoying their tartness with this recipe.  I’m very tempted to try these with strawberries or blueberries too.DSC_0895.jpgMy chickens aren’t in the laying mood with our hot, hot heat here in Phoenix at the moment but I still had a few from cooler weather.DSC_0907.jpgI’m still getting used to the stand mixer Scott and a few friends convinced me to buy.  I’m pretty happy overall and it worked out pretty great for this recipe.  This cake calls for a fruity olive oil and while the one on hand wasn’t the fruitiest it is locally produced and pretty tasty.  DSC_0908.jpgI have a bad habit of collecting cupcake papers and was so glad to have re-discovered these in my cupboard.  Sunny and summery they are too cute.DSC_0915.jpgStruggled a little but to fill these just right.  In the end it didn’t matter as the berries sunk to the bottom and every turned out all right.  The tall papers also add some extra forgiveness.DSC_0919.jpgI added the optional lemon glaze on half the cakes after taste testing a plain one.  I liked them plain but the little extra lemon and sweetness made them just about perfect.DSC_0924.jpgThese little cakes definitely have a unique texture.  I’m sure you could increase/decrease the grittiness based on the grind of cornmeal or add some soaking time.  I ended up liking the little bit of crunch with berry softness and yummy lemon.  Pretty easy and quick for a nice little summer bake.