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Baking Chez Moi (Rewind): Tiger Cakes

I had a couple months of being incredibly ill that started near the end of 2015 and I’m finally catching up to all the wonderful recipes I missed.

Tiger cakes are little chewy egg-white based nuggets of chocolatey almond flavor.DSC_0837.jpgNothing too complicated about the ingredients.  I was initially worried these might be too bland or unbalanced with the intense chocolate and light egg white.DSC_0842.jpgDSC_0850.jpgDSC_0840.jpgDSC_0838.jpgThe ingredients came together quickly.  I was pretty surprised how simple it was and I even cheated a little by chopping my chocolate in the food processor.

DSC_0854.jpgThis may have let to my final cakes having more of a mottled look than a tiger striped look but since I was planning on dunking them in chocolate it didn’t matter much.DSC_0861.jpgDSC_0862.jpgThe end result was chewy with intense chocolate goodness. The texture actually held up well for a few days.  DSC_0867.jpgDSC_0883.jpgDSC_0874.jpgThe tiger cakes were pretty great and I’m feeling relieved to get on the road to catching up.



Baking Chez Moi: Esquimaux Pops for Grown-Ups

I have a love of right-from-the-box popsicles and icy treats.  It was nice to make a fudgy homemade version for a change.DSC_0663.jpgLuckily I already had some molds and the ingredients were pretty simple.DSC_0665.jpgDSC_0670.jpg

DSC_0672.jpgDSC_0675.jpgDSC_0680.jpgThis recipe called for a lot of different bowls and mixing but was overall pretty simple.  Scott has been baking lately so I had him help me out with this one so he could practice folding.  Considering the final result I think he did a pretty great job.  We used the food processor to chop the chocolate.

DSC_0683.jpgFilling the molds was easy and mine made quite a few pops since they were rather small.

DSC_0808.jpgDSC_0810.jpgThe pops were smooth, almost reminiscent of a pudding pop with the chocolate chips adding contrast.  Our pops didn’t have a strong liquor flavor. Maybe because coffee is such a nice complement to the dark chocolate it ended up being more of an undertone.  Nice little treat for the summer.


Baking Chez Moi: Philadelphia Blueberry-Corn Tart

When I first cracked open Baking Chez Moi I came across this recipe and was absolutely horrified. I couldn’t imagine making a dessert topped with raw corn.  One of the best things about Tuesdays with Dorie is that it often challenges my concept of what can and should be baked.DSC_0077.jpgLots of summer ingredients for this: rosemary from the garden, honey from my local stockpile and fresh corn. Overall it wasn’t hugely complex but seemed completely strange.DSC_0089.jpgDSC_0093.jpgThe blueberry topping is super fragrant and so different with the rosemary added to it. I loved that the blueberries were cooked to bursting-it changes their texture in such a lovely way and really helped all the scents and flavors of the additional ingredients infuse.DSC_0097.jpgThen the corn gets added.  I was grimacing as I added the fresh corn to the blueberry mixture.  My senses were saying no but my recipe was saying yes.DSC_0100.jpgDSC_0110.jpgThe filling was no-bake which was great and perfect for summer.  Having pre-made the crust it meant no additional oven time.  Simple and tangy I was dreading having to top it with corn.DSC_0117.jpgDSC_0118.jpgDSC_0124.jpgDSC_0125.jpgAdding the topping really did make the tart look beautiful.  The bright and pale yellow with the deep purple blue on the white creamy topping is quite eye-catching.DSC_0138.jpgDSC_0143.jpgDSC_0164.jpgThen it came time to take a bite.  I grit my teeth and tried a bite…and it wasn’t terrible.  The more I tasted the less scared and horrified I felt.  It was actually pretty good and the rosemary made it very interesting. Declaring it pretty all right I sent it to work with Scott.  To my surprise it got rave reviews with one co-worker telling me it was the best thing they’ve tasted out of all the goods sent. Turns out that corn and blueberries is pretty genius.  I should have known that Dorie wouldn’t steer us wrong.