Baking Chez Moi: Apple Tarte Flambee

Yay for apple season!  I absolutely love fresh Sedona apples and luckily they are in season a little early this year.  So thrilled to see an apple recipe for this month and lucky to have Scott helping with this recipe.DSC_0931.jpgOn our way back from a trip to Flagstaff we drove down the 89A that follows Oak Creek.  I was so thrilled to see my favorite apple stand up and some Slide Rock State Park apples available.  We decided to use some imperfect apples for this recipe since they would be peeled and sliced.  One of my favorite things about road stand apples is the imperfection. DSC_0938.jpgDSC_0939.jpgScott has been loving using the new stand mixer and it was fun to try the crust for this.  We both love rye bread and the bit of rye in this dough was perfect with the apples.  I did the rolling and Scott did the pricking.DSC_0940.jpgDSC_0957.jpgThe cheese mixture for this was perfect.  A thin little bit was all that was needed. Scott figured out how to use the slicing attachment for my food processor and it was wonderful for this recipe.  I tend to have very little patience for gadgets and he just loves them.DSC_0959.jpgDSC_0961.jpgWe made two of these since the size of our stone and amount of dough just worked out better that way.  We used vanilla sugar to top one and rose sugar for the other.DSC_0970.jpgDSC_0968.jpgDSC_0974.jpgI was so glad to have Scott helping on this.  I recommend a two person team for the oven opening and sliding of tarts to hot stones.  Our house got ridiculously hot and having two of us to get them in and out seemed safer and much easier.dsc_0977DSC_0979.jpgThis dish is hard to describe and as Dorie suggests you could describe this as pizza.  However, I prefer the taste flambée title as this was so unique and incredibly tasty.  Super crispy and somewhat savory crust with gooey cheese and slightly tart and sweet apples was such a wonderful combination.  We definitely overindulged on our sampling in the name of tasting and not letting things go to waste.  It’s hard not to imagine all the possible combinations that could work with this idea.

-Christie & Scott

P.S.-Scott as been doing some therapeutic baking and I’m trying to get him to write about baking along with #cookiesandkindness.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share his posts soon:)


4 thoughts on “Baking Chez Moi: Apple Tarte Flambee

  1. I am planning on having my husband help with this one too. He is the pizza guy in the family. I think I may try this on our grill outside instead of heating up my house. Will see…

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