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Baking Chez Moi: Custardy Apple Squares

Yay for fall!!  I may be pushing it calling it fall in Phoenix when I still have daytime highs in the 90s.  I love to visit just to the north of us and catch the changing leaves and indulge in the apple stands on my way back to the desert.DSC_0380.jpgDSC_0268.jpgDSC_0247.jpgSo wonderful to feel cool air and actually see a season change.  It was a pretty quiet day in Coconino National Forest and the drive back down 89A in Sedona was a beautiful canopy of falling oak leaves.DSC_0052.jpgAfter picking up my apples in Sedona I didn’t have to purchase anything else for this recipe.  I love that I can just whip this up with my fall fruit and what I have on hand.DSC_0061.jpgThis recipe was incredibly simple to make.  The hardest part was peeling the apples which really wasn’t hard at all.  Scott set up the food processor to slice simplifying this even more.DSC_0066.jpgA quick 2 minute whisk of a simple batter.DSC_0069.jpgThen a quick coat of all the apple slices.  I added a few extra apples since mine were a bit on the small side.DSC_0073.jpgPat it all down and get it in the oven.DSC_0076.jpgDSC_0078.jpgSuch a simple and quick prep with such a pretty result and heavenly smelling kitchen.DSC_0079.jpgDSC_0083.jpgDSC_0080.jpgThe apple squares are almost magical in that something so easy could end up so elegant and flavorful.  I loved how the creamy custard contrasted again the bit of crunch still in my apples slices.  It was a great way to feature the apple flavor without overwhelming it.  I can see why Dorie has made this or a version of it so many times.  The one comment I got from Scott was that he wanted just a little bit more.  I’m planning on browning the melted butter next time so we can get just a smidgen of that delicious nutty taste complimenting the vanilla and apple.



Baking Chez Moi: Pear Tart with Crunchy Almond Topping

Well I only just got to this recipe this week with a big assist from Scott.  We’re always busy in the fall here.  With perfect Phoenix weather and changing leaves up north there’s lots to do.DSC_0004.jpgThe tart really relies on good tasting fruit.  We found some pretty good pears, they could have been a tad riper but the end product tasted pretty good.DSC_0006.jpgMost of the work for this was in peeling the pears.  Scott’s also been working on his rolling pin skills and made the tart crust with minimal instruction.  DSC_0014.jpgThe almond topping was very unusual for me.  I would have never thought that a simple mix of almonds, egg white and powdered sugar would end up being such a delectable topping.DSC_0024.jpgDSC_0026.jpgSadly our pan was super hot and the liquid wouldn’t catch fire.  Secretly I was pretty relieved but I think Scott was a little disappointed. DSC_0035.jpgDSC_0037.jpgI kind of had my doubts at this stage.  The topping is what I would consider less than appetizing at this point.DSC_0040.jpgLuckily everything came out beautifully toasted.DSC_0044.jpgDSC_0051.jpgDSC_0047.jpg

This tart was simple and tasty.  If we make this again I’d love to play around with different fall tastes and maybe slicing the pears or other fruit to get different textures.  I also love that this is pretty simple to make but ends up looking pretty impressive.  I feel very lucky to have had Scott’s help to get this done so we could share a tasty treat together.