Baking Chez Moi: Apple Speculoos Crumble

Grateful to have a simple recipe to kick off November.DSC_0087.jpgSimple ingredients that I already had on hand excepting the cookies.  I really regret not making the cookies from Dorie’s recipe.  All of the packaged kinds I could find had at least a small bit of palm oil and my skin is still trying to recover from the few pieces of Halloween candy I snacked on. I went with the package that seemed to have the least in it. Using store bought cookies did make this super simple and quick.DSC_0088.jpgDSC_0089.jpgQuick butter of the pan and crumbling of cookies.DSC_0091.jpgDSC_0094.jpgI chopped up the apples while Scott made the topping.  Next thing you know this was in the oven and the house was smelling great.DSC_0096.jpgDSC_0103.jpgThis came out quickly and was pretty easy to make.  While the store bought cookies were easy I think next time I might make this with some day old homemade speculoos.  Scott served me some up with bourbon vanilla ice cream and it was great.

DSC_0107.jpgDSC_0110.jpgIt felt good to have something turn out right.

Not sure what is going on with me but life keeps throwing me curve balls and I am just completely exhausted.  My road trip vacation was pretty much just destroyed by an impaired driver who rear-ended me.  My car won’t be fixed in time to go and it isn’t something I can reschedule.  I’m at a loss.




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