Baking Chez Moi: Chocolate Truffles

DSC_0450.jpgI’ve made holiday truffles a few times over the years with varying success.  The best were probably my own inventions of an almond coconut flavor and one I made with a passion fruit liquor Scott had bought me on his travels.  I thought I’d try the suggested alternate version with earl gray tea and raisins except without the raisins. These were pretty standard excepting the corn syrup which I’d never used in my truffles before.DSC_0454.jpgDSC_0462.jpgDSC_0464.jpgMelty chocolate, some cream, butter and early gray and things were ready to go in the fridge.  I pretty much knew that the proportion of earl gray was too much without the stability chopped raisins would have added. DSC_0473.jpgGot a little fancy and added a little white chocolate to stick on some lavender flowers.  The tea really softened these a bit too much and I ended up freezing my mix to get it to form right.  I couldn’t really taste the tea so I think if I go that route again I’ll steep more tea and boil the liquid down till it’s a very strong flavor.  I always kind of feel like I’m eating ganache frosting with truffles. The fun thing about them is all the different flavors that you can try to make.  Not sure I will replace this with my regular base recipe but these were pretty simple to make and fun to try a new flavor.




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