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Baking Chez Moi: Honey-Yogurt Mousse

I was excited to try the honey yogurt mousse this week since it sounded like a perfect Arizona summer recipe and the heat will be here before you know it.DSC_0014.jpgPretty simple ingredients and a pretty uncomplicated recipe.  Strained yogurt mixed with honey, gelatin and whipped cream.  Pretty easy to whip up.DSC_0021.jpgDSC_0017 (1).jpgI wasn’t thrilled with the end result of this.  It was so incredibly sweet and there was a large amount of honey in each serving.  We tried it with some berries that were on the sour side so it worked out ok.  I kept thinking that I wish I would have made Bill Grainger’s Yogurt Panacotta.  It’s a similar idea with a little more effort.  I’ve made it several times and in large quantities for parties with pretty good results.  I think I’ll be sticking to that for my yogurt goodness come summer.



Baking Chez Moi: Granola Cake

I’ve been kind of dreading making granola cake since I first got Baking Chez Moi.  For some reason it just didn’t seem very appetizing.  So glad my fears were completely misplaced for this one.DSC_0002.jpgThis recipe had a bit more ingredients than usual with the strangest being granola.  Fortunately I had recently made a batch of Garland’s granola from Sharing the Table.  It is so, so good and simple to make.DSC_0005.jpgI tried to break up the biggest clumps in my granola and I used the unsweetened coconut flakes you can get at Sprouts.  I love the unsweetened flakes, they have a great taste without the scratchy texture of sugared and shredded coconut.DSC_0009.jpgEverything came together pretty quick and I was starting to feel hopeful about the taste because everything smelled so good.  My batter was the consistency of a chocolate chip cookie dough.DSC_0012.jpgI was pretty nervous after getting this into the pan because I really had to spatula the batter into the pan rather than pour it.DSC_0013.jpgI took the cake out before the timer went off because it just smelled ready to me.  It kind of looked like a giant cookie in the pan.DSC_0017.jpgDSC_0020.jpgThe cake came out of the pan looking a lot more like a cake or maybe kind of like a bar.  I had it with some early gray tea and the cake was so good.  Dense and chewy texture with great flavor.  Almost like a brownie in a way.  This recipe will definitely go into my rotation for when I have some homemade granola hanging around.