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Baking Chez Moi: Nun’s Beignets

Trying to catch up a little with my baking. I decided to make the nun’s beignets before work one day.DSC_0023.jpgMy pictures are a tad dark because it was early.  The only thing I had to buy was the grapeseed oil since I don’t fry all that much.  DSC_0026.jpgThe dough came together pretty easy.  A quick boil of the milk, water, sugar, butter, salt and a last minute addition of flour and then into the mixer for eggs and vanilla. DSC_0031.jpgDSC_0046.jpgI’ve never used a dutch over for frying before and it worked out pretty great.  I only used about 2 inches of oil but that was more than sufficient. They bobbed and fried for about 8-9 minutes before I took them out. DSC_0038.jpgDSC_0034.jpgI got some nice cracking and puffing on these.  I really love the beautiful golden brown they turn.DSC_0037.jpgDSC_0036.jpgI did both a vanilla sugar and a cinnamon sugar.  I liked both flavors and thought both were nice.  Scott did most of the sugaring and I can tell you he likes a pretty thick crust of it.DSC_0040.jpgDSC_0043.jpgDSC_0042.jpgI think these beignet’s got one of the best reviews yet from Baking Chez Moi.  Guess you can’t really go wrong with what is essentially fried dough. The size was perfect if you just wanted a bite.