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Baking Chez Moi: Lavender Galettes

So I’ve been being along lately but terrible at posting.  Trying to get back on track this week with the lavender galettes.

DSC_0171.jpgI pretty much had all the ingredients this called for with the exception of the orange or tangerine.  They didn’t look so great at the store so I substituted a white grapefruit from my backyard.  I’m probably going to keep it with the grapefruit peel if I make it again.DSC_0172.jpgLavender is one of my favorite herbs and I tend to keep some around.  I’ll never forget the amazing lavender creme brûlée I had at the now defunct Bistro Soleil.  It’s such a distinct and delicate flavor that tends to common whatever it goes in to.DSC_0173.jpgThe olive oil made me a little nervous.  It seemed like a lot and isn’t the typical cookie dough binder.DSC_0176.jpgMashing the dough together was fun.  It was nice how it all came together.DSC_0182.jpgDSC_0183.jpgThe olive oil with parchment made these pretty easy to roll out and get done.IMG_5069

Pretty much the only thing I found a little vexing at the end of this was the amount of parchment paper this recipe uses. I wish I had read about cutting the papers ahead of time and placed them in a heavy book for a day or so.  I started joking about ironing them out and Scott decided to try it.Wouldn’t you know it worked out great.  No more curly cookies.DSC_0191.jpgDSC_0189.jpgI used rose sugar for my topping since my neighbor had gifted me some she had made from her roses.DSC_0195.jpgDSC_0197.jpgDSC_0193.jpgThe cookies were somewhere in between a sweet cracker and a cookie.  I like the thin and crunchy edges and the flavor was great.  I ended up really enjoying these.  I wished they lasted a bit longer than a day.