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Baking Chez Moi: Double-Corn Tea Cake

DSC_0221.jpgCorn has been important to people living on Turtle Island past and present. We’ve been growing a garden with seeds from Native Seeds and trying to grow corn as part of a three sisters garden much to some lucky wild rodent’s delight.  Earlier this year I watched Seed: The Untold Story on PBS that featured Native Seeds/SEARCH that focused on crop diversity and the use of native seeds and had a great portion on corn.  If you get the opportunity to watch it I would highly recommend it while also caution some common sense on a few portions where some dubious scientific research is mentioned. I’ve been trying to learn about the variety of three sisters (corn, beans and squash) available to grow as well as eat.  It was great to bake a recipe that only used corn flour, an item I wasn’t even aware existed.DSC_0229.jpgDSC_0230.jpgThe recipe was a simple loaf with buttery goodness, corn and a hint of spice from coriander.  Once my corn kernels were cut and steamed in the microwave it all came together pretty quickly.  We were out of baking spray so this became completely gluten free with butter and corn flour used to grease the pan.DSC_0234.jpgI got a large dent in the middle of my cake and the corn kernels seems to have sunk to the bottom of the loaf so I was a little worried.DSC_0237.jpgDSC_0240.jpgDSC_0236.jpgIt ended up slicing up a beautiful sunny color with great flavor and texture. I’m completely intrigued with what else I could use the corn flour for and can’t wait to come up with some items.  I really enjoyed this as a summer time treat although I might skip the fresh corn next time.