Baking Chez Moi: Rewind: Plain and Simple Almond Tart

So glad a rewind day came up because while I’ve not been terrible about baking along I’ve been really terrible about writing about what I’m baking.

DSC_0095.jpgI was excited for this recipe because I tend to find most gluten free baked goods awful but so many people seem to want them.  This had the simplest of ingredients and I usually have these on hand.DSC_0099.jpgI went full-on gluten free and used almond flour for the pan which turned out just fine.DSC_0101.jpgDSC_0104.jpgThis recipe made good use of the eggs to add texture and keep a light almond batter.DSC_0106.jpgDSC_0108.jpgThe real trick to this cake was mixing gently and keeping the batter nice and light.DSC_0111.jpgDSC_0115.jpgDSC_0119.jpgThis cake looked fabulous and simple on the cake stand with a little powdered sugar.  I got mixed reviews on this cake.  Some people thought it was way too plain and some people were absolutely over the moon.  I liked it but thought it was slightly plain.  It is definitely something I would make again as a gluten free treat and maybe add a side of fruit or some of the spiced hibiscus syrup we originally made to go with the coconut tapioca.




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