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Baking Chez Moi: Smoothest, Silkiest, Creamiest, Tartest Lime Tart

This is the kind of tart that my mom would declare outrageous.  I can almost hear her say ‘Christie, this is outrageous!’ as she takes another bite with wide eyes.  This is her way of saying that something is good in an unusual and addictive way.  Sadly she isn’t here to enjoy it and I don’t think she has a particular fondness for limes but it makes me think of her all the same.


The actual process of putting this tart together reminds me quite a bit of a classic lemon meringue tart recipe I have.  Similar way of putting the ingredients together and then adding in the butter afterwards.  All in all it is deceptively simple for the result.

This is in fact very tart and also very creamy and rich.  I’ve never cared much for lime tarts but I couldn’t resist a couple extra tastes of this filling.  I think my prior experiences lacked the tartness and texture that make this particular tart so great.