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Baking Chez Moi: Black and White Marbled Madeleines

I’m a little out of energy this week but I did manage to get the madeleines done.  I decided to brown my butter because I love the smell and find it oddly comforting. I liked how these turned out and they were a pretty great portion size.  I called these chocolate lime madeleines to everyone who wanted to taste them since I thought that was a bit more accurate.DSC_0050.jpgDSC_0051.jpgDSC_0052.jpgDSC_0057.jpgDSC_0060 8.49.25 PM.jpgDSC_0061 8.49.30 PM.jpgFor some reason Scott only shot the backs of the madeleines so it’s hard to see how pretty they came out even if they were a little full.  It was a rough weekend so I’m glad this recipe got done and it tasted good too.

Baking Chez Moi: Nun’s Beignets

Trying to catch up a little with my baking. I decided to make the nun’s beignets before work one day.DSC_0023.jpgMy pictures are a tad dark because it was early.  The only thing I had to buy was the grapeseed oil since I don’t fry all that much.  DSC_0026.jpgThe dough came together pretty easy.  A quick boil of the milk, water, sugar, butter, salt and a last minute addition of flour and then into the mixer for eggs and vanilla. DSC_0031.jpgDSC_0046.jpgI’ve never used a dutch over for frying before and it worked out pretty great.  I only used about 2 inches of oil but that was more than sufficient. They bobbed and fried for about 8-9 minutes before I took them out. DSC_0038.jpgDSC_0034.jpgI got some nice cracking and puffing on these.  I really love the beautiful golden brown they turn.DSC_0037.jpgDSC_0036.jpgI did both a vanilla sugar and a cinnamon sugar.  I liked both flavors and thought both were nice.  Scott did most of the sugaring and I can tell you he likes a pretty thick crust of it.DSC_0040.jpgDSC_0043.jpgDSC_0042.jpgI think these beignet’s got one of the best reviews yet from Baking Chez Moi.  Guess you can’t really go wrong with what is essentially fried dough. The size was perfect if you just wanted a bite.



Baking Chez Moi: Granola Cake

I’ve been kind of dreading making granola cake since I first got Baking Chez Moi.  For some reason it just didn’t seem very appetizing.  So glad my fears were completely misplaced for this one.DSC_0002.jpgThis recipe had a bit more ingredients than usual with the strangest being granola.  Fortunately I had recently made a batch of Garland’s granola from Sharing the Table.  It is so, so good and simple to make.DSC_0005.jpgI tried to break up the biggest clumps in my granola and I used the unsweetened coconut flakes you can get at Sprouts.  I love the unsweetened flakes, they have a great taste without the scratchy texture of sugared and shredded coconut.DSC_0009.jpgEverything came together pretty quick and I was starting to feel hopeful about the taste because everything smelled so good.  My batter was the consistency of a chocolate chip cookie dough.DSC_0012.jpgI was pretty nervous after getting this into the pan because I really had to spatula the batter into the pan rather than pour it.DSC_0013.jpgI took the cake out before the timer went off because it just smelled ready to me.  It kind of looked like a giant cookie in the pan.DSC_0017.jpgDSC_0020.jpgThe cake came out of the pan looking a lot more like a cake or maybe kind of like a bar.  I had it with some early gray tea and the cake was so good.  Dense and chewy texture with great flavor.  Almost like a brownie in a way.  This recipe will definitely go into my rotation for when I have some homemade granola hanging around.



Baking Chez Moi: Chocolate Truffles

DSC_0450.jpgI’ve made holiday truffles a few times over the years with varying success.  The best were probably my own inventions of an almond coconut flavor and one I made with a passion fruit liquor Scott had bought me on his travels.  I thought I’d try the suggested alternate version with earl gray tea and raisins except without the raisins. These were pretty standard excepting the corn syrup which I’d never used in my truffles before.DSC_0454.jpgDSC_0462.jpgDSC_0464.jpgMelty chocolate, some cream, butter and early gray and things were ready to go in the fridge.  I pretty much knew that the proportion of earl gray was too much without the stability chopped raisins would have added. DSC_0473.jpgGot a little fancy and added a little white chocolate to stick on some lavender flowers.  The tea really softened these a bit too much and I ended up freezing my mix to get it to form right.  I couldn’t really taste the tea so I think if I go that route again I’ll steep more tea and boil the liquid down till it’s a very strong flavor.  I always kind of feel like I’m eating ganache frosting with truffles. The fun thing about them is all the different flavors that you can try to make.  Not sure I will replace this with my regular base recipe but these were pretty simple to make and fun to try a new flavor.



Baking Chez Moi: Apple Speculoos Crumble

Grateful to have a simple recipe to kick off November.DSC_0087.jpgSimple ingredients that I already had on hand excepting the cookies.  I really regret not making the cookies from Dorie’s recipe.  All of the packaged kinds I could find had at least a small bit of palm oil and my skin is still trying to recover from the few pieces of Halloween candy I snacked on. I went with the package that seemed to have the least in it. Using store bought cookies did make this super simple and quick.DSC_0088.jpgDSC_0089.jpgQuick butter of the pan and crumbling of cookies.DSC_0091.jpgDSC_0094.jpgI chopped up the apples while Scott made the topping.  Next thing you know this was in the oven and the house was smelling great.DSC_0096.jpgDSC_0103.jpgThis came out quickly and was pretty easy to make.  While the store bought cookies were easy I think next time I might make this with some day old homemade speculoos.  Scott served me some up with bourbon vanilla ice cream and it was great.

DSC_0107.jpgDSC_0110.jpgIt felt good to have something turn out right.

Not sure what is going on with me but life keeps throwing me curve balls and I am just completely exhausted.  My road trip vacation was pretty much just destroyed by an impaired driver who rear-ended me.  My car won’t be fixed in time to go and it isn’t something I can reschedule.  I’m at a loss.



Baking Chez Moi: Custardy Apple Squares

Yay for fall!!  I may be pushing it calling it fall in Phoenix when I still have daytime highs in the 90s.  I love to visit just to the north of us and catch the changing leaves and indulge in the apple stands on my way back to the desert.DSC_0380.jpgDSC_0268.jpgDSC_0247.jpgSo wonderful to feel cool air and actually see a season change.  It was a pretty quiet day in Coconino National Forest and the drive back down 89A in Sedona was a beautiful canopy of falling oak leaves.DSC_0052.jpgAfter picking up my apples in Sedona I didn’t have to purchase anything else for this recipe.  I love that I can just whip this up with my fall fruit and what I have on hand.DSC_0061.jpgThis recipe was incredibly simple to make.  The hardest part was peeling the apples which really wasn’t hard at all.  Scott set up the food processor to slice simplifying this even more.DSC_0066.jpgA quick 2 minute whisk of a simple batter.DSC_0069.jpgThen a quick coat of all the apple slices.  I added a few extra apples since mine were a bit on the small side.DSC_0073.jpgPat it all down and get it in the oven.DSC_0076.jpgDSC_0078.jpgSuch a simple and quick prep with such a pretty result and heavenly smelling kitchen.DSC_0079.jpgDSC_0083.jpgDSC_0080.jpgThe apple squares are almost magical in that something so easy could end up so elegant and flavorful.  I loved how the creamy custard contrasted again the bit of crunch still in my apples slices.  It was a great way to feature the apple flavor without overwhelming it.  I can see why Dorie has made this or a version of it so many times.  The one comment I got from Scott was that he wanted just a little bit more.  I’m planning on browning the melted butter next time so we can get just a smidgen of that delicious nutty taste complimenting the vanilla and apple.


Baking Chez Moi: Edouard’s Chocolate Chip Cookies

This time of year is always jam packed for us.  Phoenix weather finally cools down and the aspen and oak trees start to put on a show up north.  It was nice to have a homey recipe that was familiar with a twist.DSC_0028.jpgEverything was pretty standard except for the almond flour as far as ingredients go.DSC_0054.jpgPretty standard cookie recipe again with the exception of adding almond flour near the end.  I’ve never made chocolate chip cookies with a stand mixer and it went well.  DSC_0059.jpgThe golf ball size dough balls were quite a bit bigger than my standard recipe and I was a little worried.  DSC_0060.jpgThe smell of fresh cookies even roused our senior French Lita to come and see if she could grab a bite.  Even after 12 years she still thinks we’re going to let her eat chocolate.  Hope springs eternal.DSC_0061.jpgThe flattening of the dough balls was strange for me.  Not something I’ve ever done with chocolate chip cookies.  I was pretty worried at this point but also relieved that the dough hadn’t spread to large.DSC_0065.jpgI liked the little bit of crackle the flattening gave the cookies.  Although they kind of reminded me of something you’d pull out of a package since they all stacked so nice and flat.DSC_0072.jpgDSC_0075.jpgThese were pretty great.  I would love to make these anytime I had to package up cookies really neat.  I really liked them best the day they were made.  They were pretty intensely chewy by day two but still tasted good.


Baking Chez Moi: Esquimaux Pops for Grown-Ups

I have a love of right-from-the-box popsicles and icy treats.  It was nice to make a fudgy homemade version for a change.DSC_0663.jpgLuckily I already had some molds and the ingredients were pretty simple.DSC_0665.jpgDSC_0670.jpg

DSC_0672.jpgDSC_0675.jpgDSC_0680.jpgThis recipe called for a lot of different bowls and mixing but was overall pretty simple.  Scott has been baking lately so I had him help me out with this one so he could practice folding.  Considering the final result I think he did a pretty great job.  We used the food processor to chop the chocolate.

DSC_0683.jpgFilling the molds was easy and mine made quite a few pops since they were rather small.

DSC_0808.jpgDSC_0810.jpgThe pops were smooth, almost reminiscent of a pudding pop with the chocolate chips adding contrast.  Our pops didn’t have a strong liquor flavor. Maybe because coffee is such a nice complement to the dark chocolate it ended up being more of an undertone.  Nice little treat for the summer.


Baking Chez Moi: Cornmeal and Berry Cakes

DSC_0926.jpgSometimes the season dictates the mood.  Such is the case with these cornmeal and berry cakes. A few simple ingredients, a little sugar and some tart berries and lemon make a nice little summer cake.  I didn’t have the exact size of mini loaf pan specified so went with the alternative cupcake size that worked perfectly with some neat papers I had.DSC_0887.jpgMostly this recipe calls for things I already have in my kitchen although maybe not in this particular combination.  I used the typical cornmeal that I would use for corn bread but it added a little extra touch of grit since it wasn’t soaked like my typical recipe.  It worked out ok though since I enjoy the bit of crunch.  DSC_0889.jpgThe sugar is rubbed with the lemon and without the wonderful brightness of the lemon I doubt I would have enjoyed these so much.DSC_0894I wasn’t so sure about the raspberries but ended up enjoying their tartness with this recipe.  I’m very tempted to try these with strawberries or blueberries too.DSC_0895.jpgMy chickens aren’t in the laying mood with our hot, hot heat here in Phoenix at the moment but I still had a few from cooler weather.DSC_0907.jpgI’m still getting used to the stand mixer Scott and a few friends convinced me to buy.  I’m pretty happy overall and it worked out pretty great for this recipe.  This cake calls for a fruity olive oil and while the one on hand wasn’t the fruitiest it is locally produced and pretty tasty.  DSC_0908.jpgI have a bad habit of collecting cupcake papers and was so glad to have re-discovered these in my cupboard.  Sunny and summery they are too cute.DSC_0915.jpgStruggled a little but to fill these just right.  In the end it didn’t matter as the berries sunk to the bottom and every turned out all right.  The tall papers also add some extra forgiveness.DSC_0919.jpgI added the optional lemon glaze on half the cakes after taste testing a plain one.  I liked them plain but the little extra lemon and sweetness made them just about perfect.DSC_0924.jpgThese little cakes definitely have a unique texture.  I’m sure you could increase/decrease the grittiness based on the grind of cornmeal or add some soaking time.  I ended up liking the little bit of crunch with berry softness and yummy lemon.  Pretty easy and quick for a nice little summer bake.


Baking Chez Moi: Betty’s Chocoholic Cake and Tarte Tropezienne


Life has been busier than usual and I’ve found myself dog piling both my monthly recipes into one post.  I caved in and bought a Kitchen Aid mixer and I’m finding there is a bit of a learning curve.

Betty’s Chocoholic Cake

This recipe called for a ridiculous amount of butter and made for a very rich cake.DSC_0578.jpgThe batter was a fairly simple mix of mostly butter, egg and chocolate.DSC_0582.jpgDSC_0593.jpgI’m definitely learning how powerful a stand mixer is the hard way.  My layers baked up quite bubbly.  Luckily after assembly with the chocolate ganache it wasn’t all that noticeable.  White chocolate curls seem to cover a multitude of bubbly sins.DSC_0606.jpgI was worried this would be too rich and I would prefer my slice with a little dollop of sour cream.  However, the taste testers seemed to have no problem making their way through and it got pretty rave reviews.  I would definitely save this for a special occasion.DSC_0621.jpg

Tarte Tropezienne

Everything about this cake was simple yet luxurious.  I think it’s worth keeping the cupboards stocked with orange-flower water and pearl sugar so this can be made through the summer.DSC_0566I love tend to love yeast-risen baked goods and this cake was no exception.  The batter was quite thick and it would have been quite the challenge to make without a stand mixer.DSC_0574.jpgThis cake was perfect to make on a warm Arizona day.  My house is the perfect temperature to rise dough and when it is time to make the cake it doesn’t take all that long in the oven.DSC_0595 (1).jpgDSC_0628.jpgDSC_0641.jpgMy baked cake turned out beautiful and I even cut it easily.  Things went a little awry after filling when I put the cake top turned to the wrong side.  Trying to correct it only made things goofier.  Luckily the great taste and texture overcame the wonky visual result.DSC_0645.jpgWe loved this cake.  The crunchy pearl sugar and flavored cream were perfect with the brioche dough.  I feel like I will be making it several times this summer.DSC_0650.jpg